Imagine you are trecking through the barren corners of the desert and come across a bombardment of gophers. Now what will you do when they start popping up at you with all their gopher fury?

Just like the arcade game of "Wack a Mole" - except with added levels, goals, and difficulty settings. Challenge yourself to see how fast you can smash those cute little gophers.

What the critics have to say..

"The object was simple -- hit as many moles peeking moles as possible in the allotted time with a big rubber mallet. It's still played today in places like Chuck E. Cheese and is as popular now as it was then. So it's no surprise that the $1 Wack A Gopher is a favorite right now on the App store." - Read the full review at IGN


  • 9 different game levels
  • 3 difficulty settings
  • Sound control (background and effects)
  • Top Score Board
  • Dozens of challenging combinations of game levels and difficulties.
  • Cute little gophers.
  • Light taps work better than hard